Eagles- Febuary 2010

Febuary is Bald Eagle month, so last Febuary my parents and I decided to go to Redwing, MN to see if we could find any. We didn’t see any there, so we went to the National Eagle Center to see if we could find any there. The center also takes in wounded birds and they keep some of the birds that can’t be reintroduced into the willd. One of them was looking out the window and saw all the eagles in ‘her territory’ and was very vocal in trying to defend it.

eagle calling 1

eagle calling 2

eagle calling 3

eagle calling 3

While we did see eagles at the center it wasn’t until the drive home that we saw the most.

eagle 1

eagle 2

eagle 3

Even if we hadn’t seen the eagles there was snow falling and fog was making different trees accross the river softer as it and the snow grew thicker. What had started as a slow day with no eagles turned out to be something beautiful.

trees 1

trees 2

trees 3


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