Costa Rica, Winter Break

My family went on a low key vacation to Costa Rica for this years winter break. We stayed at a small hotel within waling distances to two beaches. The couple who ran the hotel arranged all our activities for us. We had activities in the morning and stayed around the hotel in the afternoons. We would walk to Samara Beach and spend the whole day there as long as the tide was still low.

Samara Beach

We went horseback riding for two hours. Even though our guide spoke no English it was clear he enjoyed his job and strove to make it enjoyable for everyone as he let the horses lead us to the beach and into the mountains. It was the first time a I had riden on the beach and my horse decided that he wanted to splash in the water. It was alot of fun and we saw some great views.







The next day we went zip lining in  the morning, unfortunately I did not take any pictures while zip lining. I was apprehensive as our two guides were telling us about it, but once I got past the first platform I ended up having fun. It was a great experience, and I would recommend it to any one even if they are nervous like I was.

After zip lining we had enough time to relax by the pool and walk to Samara Beach to take pictures of the sunset. Our next activity that day would be turtle watching.



Turtle laying eggs

Costa Rica’s conservation effort for Turtles is impessive. To protect the eggs from poachers and racoons volunteers patrol the beach each night and put the eggs in a hatchery. Compared to when there was no conservation efforts the survival rate is drastic.

On our last day we took a hike with someone who worked at the hotel. He took us into the jungle and by the time we got back to the beach the tide had gone up. We scrambled onto some rocks and explored tide pools as we waited for the tide to go down.




sea slugs



sea urchins



Also on the last day I took a picture of the flowers around the hotel. I also took pictures of a butterfly.








I had a great time in Costa Rica and recommend the Hidaway Hotel for a place to stay in Costa Rica.


  1. Stephen Sun Said:

    ZOMG, the pictures are so pretty xDDD The first ‘bird’ picture looks like there’s a chair in the middle of nowhere, and the bat looks TINY (like a pistachio –“). How in the world did you find it?! 😛

  2. Emma says that the bat wouldn’t be as tasty as a pistachio. We were taking a hike and we saw the bat on the tree.

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