MN Zoo- June 5, 2011

I was simply going to write about my last visit to the zoo, but since the zoo has been getting so much negitive feedback about the zoo  shooting a wolf that escaped out of its enclousure I decided to do something else. It is my hope to counter these negative comments by pointing out that while this was an unfortunate desicion, the zoo does good in the world. I hope, in this case, my pictures can speak louder than words.

Most people can only see swans at the zoo.

All three bears are orphans, the zoo gave them a second chance.

Amur Leopards are highly endangered.

Without the zoo's program, the Asain Wild Horses would never have been brought back to Mongolia.

This colt is part of a successful breeding program.

He's also cute.

The camels are also part of a breeding program.

The zoo is good habitat for wild animals.

Aisian Wild Horse Colt and Mom

Aisian Wild Horse Colt and Mom

Aisian Wild Horse Colt and Mom

Aisian Wild Horse Colt and Mom

The zoo is a way to see a moose up close.

I’m not trying to counter every opinion or say that this wasn’t something that shouldn’t have happened. I only want to address the poeple who say they are never going to the zoo again because of this. Please think carefully about that desicion. Will taking away your money and support really help the zoo? Will it really help them update security? With less money, how will they help the other endangered species at the zoo? Shouldn’t this be a time for compasion, not anger? Like I said, I’m not trying to counter opinions, simply get people thinking.



  1. Sue Said:

    I support the zoo’s many programs to protect endangered wild animals and protect them from extinction. Thank you, Livi, for your thoughtful writing and cute photos!

  2. lindsey Said:

    good points m’lord. and many people may be upset that the wolf had to be shot and I’m sad about it to. but they would be even more upset if it turned out that the wolf had injured or killed any one and then had to be euthanized later on any way. there was no real easy solution to the problem but the zoo made the best choice for that moment in time.

    • Exactly, Sky God. Another thing I was thinking about is how people thought it would be less stressful for the wolf if there had been an alternate solution, but what about the psychological stress of beeing free only to be put back into captivity?

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