Teddy Roosevelt National Park- Day 1

I want to start by saying this will be a work in progress. I don’t know much about these horses and will be updating if I learn more about their names, genders, and herd dynamics.

When my dad and I got to Mendora, ND, we got there earlier than expected, so we decided to check out Teddy Roosrvelt National Park (TRNP). The purpose of the trip was to see wild horses, so we went to the southern unit of the park.

Before we reached the horses, we saw prairie dogs

About half way into the drive, we saw a band of wild horses along the road. More of them came frome a different area and by the time we left, there were about eleven or twelve horses.

Yarrow, Gray Lady, Lacy

Gray Lady, Lacy


Cheyenne, Sumac


Lacy, Gray Lady, Half Moon

Raven, Lacy, Gray Lady

Raven, Esprit

Lacy, Gray Lady




prairie dogs

Mendora, ND

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  1. Marylu Weber Said:

    I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to Medora and TRNP. This is Mystery’s band. He is the dark bay stallion. Most of the year he is black but fades some in the summer. With him are Gray Lady- open gray mare, Lacey- pinto mare, her yearling Half Moon, her filly Yarrow, Raven- black mare, her filly Esprit, Cheyenne- bay mare, her filly Sumac, and Ginger with her yearling Whiskey. Gray Lady is very protective of Lacey having raised her since she was less than a year old.

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