TRNP- Day 2

I started out the day hoping to the questions from yesterday. Questions like, who were the horses we saw? What were the herd dynamics? Were all bands so large? Hopefully, with a bit of research, I will be able to answer these questions someday.

We started our day early. We also saw our first horse earlier than expected.


He’s a former band stallion typically with buddy George. I think I saw George, but by the time we stopped the car, I could only see Circus.

Before we saw more horses, we saw a deer. Despite initially moving away, I was able to snap a few good pictures.

Finally, around the same place we saw horses the previous day, we saw a group of about 20 horses. These horses are the two bands of Redface and Singlefoot. Even then, they can’t really be described as two bands, more like two stallions, the satellite stallion, and all the mares.


While it is clear that band size is big, these horses left more questions than answers. Perhaps I’ll go back someday to get more answers.



  1. Marylu Weber Said:

    The lone horse you saw is Circus. He is an older stallion who lost his band many years ago do to an injury. His buddy, Georgia’s Boy, I just call him George, is most likely around. The large band you saw is the double band of Redface and Singlefoot with the Satellite stallion, what else, Satellite. These have been cooperative stallions for the last four years but do have their mares devided into two distinct bands at times. This is the most interesting band in the park because of this, so you were lucky to observe them.

    • Thanks for the names and history of some of the horses. I hope I updated the names of the horses correctly.

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