McCullough Peaks- Day 2

The next day my dad and I went in the morning. We found all the horses we saw the previous day by the one of the ponds in the area. So, we didn’t see a larger number of horses, we saw a larger amount of action.

Cactus Flower

black band stallion chasing bachelors

The next couple of pictures tell the story of a yearling colt. All he wanted to do was play, but his two week old sibling was too young to play, and the other band stallions in the area wanted nothing to do with him. So, when more bachelors came in the area, he went to meet them.

a brief session of play


greeting another bachelor

The yearling (far right) makes submissive jaw clacking

making friends

In the thick of things

At this point I think the yearling stopped being involved. At this point, the bachelors decided to pick a fight.

The band stallion is on the far right


Ending the fight

The next pictures are bachelors playing. If they were in the middle of a fight the stallions would have been screaming at each other. Both bachelors were quiet as they played.



The last two pictures are the relationship of a stallion and his mare. She wanted to be social, and he wasn’t letting her. Considering how much he had been snaking her earlier, I don’t think she was too happy with him.

The sorrel is the stallion


McCullough Peaks was alot of fun. I hope anyone using Cody to go to Yellowstone decides to see McCullough Peaks as well.


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