Pryor Mountains- Day 1

When my dad and I worked our way from Cody to Lovell, we didn’t know what to expect. Our original goal was to get a tour of the Pryor Mountains with the Mustang Center, but they had called well before the trip to cancel due to road conditions. Despite the news, we stopped at the Mustang Center. We were determined to figure out how to get to at least part of the mountain even if we couldn’t reach the top.

We stopped by the Mustang Center and were able to talk to the director and get a map of the Herd Management Area (HMA). She explained to us the safest road to use and also reminded us of the Dryhead portion of the range. My dad and I decided to go to Dryhead first, before trying to reach the mountain top.

We only saw one band while in the portion of the range accessible by the highway. It was Fiero’s band and he and the two year old colt in the band were the only horses I was able to get good pictures of since the rest of the band was clumped together.

Fiero was down the road from his band at the time

2 year old Jemez in between Fiero and the band

We did see the band in one group, but it was hard to get a picture of all of them and we needed to start heading up the mountain. When going up the mountain, when it comes to vehicals, higher is batter, and my dad and I were borderline high enough to clear the rocks. Luckily, at the point when we were debating turning around, we met wildlife filmmaker Ginger Katherens who was going down the mountain. She gave us much needed words of encouragement and we were able to make it all the way up the mountain. Even then, we were not prepared for the number of horses we saw or the amount of snow on the ground.

(L-R) Demure, Broken Bow, Kindra, Santa Fe

Sequoyah, Flint/ Blue Moon, Judith, Halcyon

Flint/ Blue Moon, Sequoyah

Eating snow

Lancaster, Helenium

Custer's band

(L-R) Bolder, Echo

Cedar and Lobo

After some peaceful moments with the horses, the bachelors decided to stir things up.


Cloud and the bachelors

Cloud and Bolder

Bolder and Cloud with the bachelors

Bolder and Cloud return to their band

After the chaos of the bachelors, mountian life resumed it’s peaceful rhythm.

Lynx, Ingrid

Diamond/ Teton's band

Ingrid, Lynx, Dancer

After spending a long time watching horses, my dad and I were content to set up camp and go to bed early.


  1. Lauryn Wachs Said:

    So glad you were able to see Ginger & get up on the Ridge! These are some great shots!

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