Pryor Mountain and Dryhead

On our last day on the mountain top dad and I were concentrated on packing everything up, so I didn’t take a lot of pictures. I mostly focused on Chino’s band, although I did take one picture of one mare and foal.

Lancaster, and Helenium

I can’t tell Chinno’s mares apart, so I’m guessing on their names.

Chino, Topper, Topper Too

Chino, Topper


After spending time in our hotel room, we spent some time in the Dryhead. I’m not sure about the next picture, but I think it is a group of bachelors, with Medicine Bow on the left.


The next two horses were the stallion Corona, and his mare Waif.

Waif, Corona

As we left the horse range, we saw Admiral’s band. It was interesting only seeing a fleeting glimpse of a band that was so accessible last year.

(L-R) Hightail, Seneca, Climbs High/ Kapitan, Admiral

After that, we headed back to Lovell, and our hotel.

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