Pryor Moutain- Day 2

The next day, my dad and I woke up early enough for there to still be pink in the sky.


Penn's Cabin, originally built by a cowboy, we used it as a wind break for our tent

Cloud and Feldspar

This filly had just been running around, I can only imagine her wondering why no one would playing with her.

These next two pictures demonstrate some advice for band stallions. Don’t call out before trying to get a mare, the most response you will get is the other stallion snaking his band away.

Running to the other band after calling to them

The other band being snaked away

As we wathed this drama, Diamond/ Teton’s band moved in, led by Cloud’s m0m Phoenix.


Diamond/ Teton

War Bonnet

Part of Diamond/ Teton's band with War Bonnet in back

Trying to find cell coverage, my dad and I moved to a higher portion of the range. There we saw a couple more bands.

Uno, after scratching his ear

Electra/ Ireland, her filly Limerick, and Hera


After we determined that we didn’t have cell coverage, we went back to the middle of the range, where Cloud’s band was.


Agate, Feldspar

Agate, Cloud

Feldspar, Agate, Cloud


Diamond/ Teton gets denied by one of his mares

Duke's band

After that, the peace of the mountaintop was broken by a plane circling so low it spooked horses.


Last moments of peace

Soon all the horses were running

Phoenix, War Bonnet, and War Bonnet's yearling filly

After all the horses ran past us, we stopped watching them for a while so they could settle down. Once we saw Bolder’s band across the road from our campsite, we went back to look at horses.

On right: Echo, Jewel

Red Raven, Blue Sioux, and La Brava

A band cresting a hill

Red Raven chasing a mare

Dove plays 'hard to get'

Chance's band

Two of Chance's mares

Two horses in Lakota's band

frolicking foals

Cloud and Flint/ Blue Moon

(L-R) Dancer, Breeze, and Cloud

After a full day on the mountain, my dad and I settled in to spend one last night on the mountain.



  1. Lauryn Wachs Said:

    You got some great shots! If you have any questions on names, please let me know!

    • Thanks. Right now I am unsure of the horses the bands of Flint, Diamond, Chance, and Lakota. If I can think of anything else, I’ll let you know.

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