Admiral and Climbs High/ Kapitan

Official Press Release:

Earlier today (July 24, 11) I heard the sad news that Admiral, the ‘official greeter’ of the Pryor Mountain WIld Horse Range, and his yearling son  Climbs High/ Kapitan were hit and killed by a car today. This is hard to hear and I know everyone who saw Admiral and his family feel the same. I call him the official greeter because last June my family saw him every day we went to Dryhead. Because Admiral has this trait, I am convinsed he was one of the most easy going stallions on the range. I have decided to post some pictures of them in their memories.

I think B&W has a bit of an ageless quality to it


Climbs High/ Kapitan was only a month old when we saw his family last June

Climbs High/ Kapitan


  1. Lauryn Wachs Said:

    Thank you so much, Livi, for this post!

  2. ginger Said:

    Thanks for your beautiful pictures Livi! I am so sorrry for you and all the people who will miss seeing this little family near the gate of the range. Very hard for me to imagine that we have lost them. We will post details as we get them on the Foundation website. We lost Sam, Admiral’s father and Climbs HIgh’s grandfather, last year and I found his body just hours after he was put down. Although others dispute this, I am convinced that he was fatally injured by a vehicle as well. We need better signage to let people know to slow down and be careful. Please let the Park Service and BLM know this.

  3. cssssswv Said:

    that is just a Great idea, Livi ! …about “there could be an information sign at each end of the range with pictures of Admiral and Climbs High when they were alive, their story on one side, and brief guidelines for viewing horses on the other” It doesn’t Seem like BLM would have any reason to Object, –especially since They have been continually SO LAX about keeping up the signage, and even informational brochures and such, I’m told ;(
    {guess they’re Way too busy—scooping up practically ALL the Other horses OFF all the Other RANGES……to concentrate on general Upkeep ? That’s really irritating, too…} Just think HOW Far…even 1/4 of that wasted money could (& Should) GO….toward fixing-up all sorts of things, all over the Western HMA’s !—-to Truly make them Better places for the wild horses to Live, as well as for the Citizens to Visit them…??!
    hmmmm….perhaps someone should ask the Catoors for a DONATION ! –they’re making quite a pocketful this year……..

  4. cssssswv Said:

    Also, I was not Aware that * Sam * had died of similar Injuries, like that !! I had assumed he died a natural way…….. How Horribly TRAGIC that is !

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