MN Zoo August 2011

Last time I wrote about the zoo this post about the various programs the zoo has to offer. This time, I decided to focus more on the zookeeper, volunteer, etc. interactions with the animals and exhibits. My family and I started with the new Penguin exhibit and we were able to see a zookeeper cleaning the exhibit.

She pauses cleaning to interact with the penguins

Next, we went to the MN Trail. While there aren’t as many volunteers as other parts of the zoo, when you do meet one they are a wealth of knowledge.

If I hadn't talked to a volunteer near the wolf exhibit I wouldn't have learned about the book The Tiger by John Vaillant

One thing I especially like about the MN Zoo is their effort to make the habitats more realistic.

There's not much that can hide a chain-link fence, but flowers help

Despite it being a smaller space, the bird exhibit fits many birds

The mountain lions love the top of their exhibit

Mom typically rests, but the lynx kittens are active

After we were done in the MN Trial my parents and I went to the Tropics Trail. We were excited to see that the river otters seemed to have more space and water in their enclosure.

Generally, all the otters sleep, but today they were playful

Also exhibits on the Tropics Trail are birds and our young Gibbon pair.

birds nesting

The gibbons groom each other

One of the flowers along the trial

One of the last animals along the Tropics Trail is the Red Panda.

The red panda wakes up enough to look at the camera

The last place we stayed to photograph was the Asian Wild Horse exhibit. The first time we saw the colt he was only a week or two old and I was eager to see how much he had grown. Now about three months old, he had a new sibling with him.

At around three months, the colt had shed his baby coat and was starting to look sleek

This little one was no more than a week old

Family portrait

I really love the zoo. I love it enough to volunteer at the Wells Fargo Family Farm. I’d encourage everyone who loves the zoo as much as I do to volunteer as well.


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