UPDATE: I have just received an email update from The Cloud Foundation saying that Lariat has a limp, but is still alive. What an amazing little filly to survive a broken leg.

Every once in a while, I get an email from The Cloud Foundation blog alerting me about a new post. More often than not, the posts are about how to stop another roundup, but sometimes they are updates about Cloud’s herd in the Pryors. When the posts are about the Pryors it is a bittersweet experience. Sweet when I get to hear about the horses, but bitter when death is talked about. Death is always a tough subject to hear about, but as I get to know the horses through my own experience and the experiences of others, it gets even harder.

This was especially true when I read The Cloud Foundation’s latest blog post. It talked about a couple of foals with injuries, but one of them was fatal. The energetic filly Lariat had a broken leg when The Cloud Foundation saw her in October. It doesn’t seem like such a long time ago when I saw her racing around her family in June. So, just like I did for Admiral and Kapitan/Climbs High, I’ve selected some pictures to pay tribute to the beautiful filly Lariat.

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  1. ginger Said:

    Thanks for your pictures of Lariat! Hope this finds you doing well.

    • Your welcome, I always enjoy sharing my pictures, although when it comes to the horses, I wish it wasn’t about their demise. Despite this, I am doing just fine.

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