MN Zoo March 10, 12

I’m at risk of stating the obvious when I say I love the MN Zoo. Either that or it’s an understatement. What’s more fun is sharing my knowledge of the zoo. When you go to the zoo you need to arrive in the morning (good light), have your camera on the right setting (in most cases the longer the lens the better), and hope you don’t get run over by strollers (when I volunteer I don’t mind them too much, after all it is my job, but as a guest at the job I just want to enjoy myself with friends and family). This trip didn’t really meet any of those requirements, but it was still a fun one. This post will be about making the most of the less than ideal situation.

Saturday afternoons are not the best time to go to the MN Zoo, but my family and I decided to go anyway. We started at the MN trail. A big change had taken place on the trail, the new male wolf was on exhibit, but both wolves were in the back so it was more fun to watch than photograph them. In fact, the only thing really worth photographing was the Puma. That brings me to the first tip of the post. While visiting a zoo look for behavior that you don’t typically see. The Pumas typically pace, but today one of them was grooming themselves.

Next, we went thru Russia’s Grizzly coast. That means it is time for tip number 2. If there are people crowding the glass it’s not worth pushing your way up there too. Even if you do manage it the glass will have too many fingerprints to get  a good shot. Thus, I only got a good picture of the tiger.

Another tip concerning avoiding crowds is look for the animals no one seems to care about. It may seem sad, but until today I don’t think I had taken pictures of this type of antelope. It’s a good way to learn more about an animal as well as letting people with strollers get ahead of you.

Another tip is know what you’re good at. For example, my favorite animal is the Przewalskii Horse. I know I can usually get good pictures of them, so i tend to spend a lot of time at their exhibit. Today was no exception as we watched the yearlings play.

Soon the colt was nipping on the filly’s? legs and she clicked her jaws submissively.

When she didn’t respond the colt picked up a stick.

 After he played with that for a while, they went back to grazing.

One last tip is remember the little things. Some times even tha plants are worth photographing.

I hope to go to the zoo again later this week, so I’ll probably be writing another post about how to use the tips in this post.


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