MN Valley Wildlife Refuge Part 2

The next time we went to the refuge, we went to a different location. This one was away from some of the more major roads, but it didn’t seem as many bird species either. It was also interesting to see on which side of the trail the birds seemed to spend the most time on. On one side of the trial was a river, on the other there was a wetland. The birds seemed to prefer the later. While I happened to like this area better than the other area, due to the quieter setting, the other area also seemed to have more wildlife. Perhaps I’ll change my mind when I go back in spring.


  1. Tina Kush Said:

    Beautiful images, and I like your pocket of nature idea. It reminds me of walking in the cloud forest, Costa Rica. We would walk through the paths looking at the beauty and then when we sat down, percectly still, in the pocket, nature came to us. We saw so much more that way.

    Livy, it is really great to see your photographic talent develop.

    • Thanks for your support, Tina. We didn’t visit the cloud forest while in Costa Rica, but I know exactly what you mean about waiting for nature.

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