Changes at the MN Zoo

It’s an unfortunate truth that the people who are the most vocal about change seem to be the most negative. This time, people have been responding to the zoos decision to move the dolphins to a different zoo. The MN Zoo has had dolphins for years. They’re a family favorite. I can see why people would be upset that they’re no longer part of the zoo. However, change is good. There are many reasons why change is good in this instance, but I am only going to focus on two. The first one is the longevity of the tank in Discovery Bay. If the tank needs repairs it would be better to make them soon. What if waiting to make them means that the tank couldn’t be used again? Another positive has to do with the health of the dolphins. They are social creatures, and moving the two at the zoo may give them a chance to form a pod at another zoo.

I would also like to take the time to discuss the other aspects of the zoo. I plan on sharing things that have remained the same, as well as things that have changed. The first thing I want to talk about is Russia’s Grizzly Coast. It was new a few years ago,  but now it’s a family favorite. Who can blame them with the otters, bears and leopards?

Also at the zoo are animals that have been there since I can remember: the Takin. They don’t seem to do much more than graze, but there is something amusing about the way they are built and their shaggy coats.

Now for something doubly new. The new Dhole exhibit as well as the new pups. I have yet to see the pups, but I’m hoping the next time I go to the zoo they’ll be out of the den.

One of the Dhole males keeping ‘watch’ before flopping down and resting some more.

The farm is something that seems like it’s been at the zoo forever, but the has only been there since, I believe, 2000. While there are changes in the form of fluffy, cuddly babies, animals that has always been there are the horses.

An exhibit that has been at the zoo for a long time is the moose. However, the moose that are often on exhibit were born at the zoo a couple years ago.

Next stop for many people is the bird show. The program has seen many changes lately. There is an indoor and outdoor theater. Right now there are no shows, but usually training goes on the entire day. There is also a chance you might see a wild raccoon.

One of my personal favorites is the MN Trail. It’s another exhibit that’s relatively new, I believe it was completed the year before Grizzly Coast. The Coyotes have been on exhibit since it opened, but the male wolf hasn’t. I’m really hoping for wolf pups next year.

Another thing the zoo is known for is bird habitat. More specifically, I’ve always seen Turkeys when I’ve been at the zoo.

The last exhibit I enjoy going to is the Tropics Trail. There’s always one new face to see.

Look closely, you can just see the top of the baby’s head.

Lastly, the trail resently got new coral as well as fish. This is a top view, for a better one, the trail leads to the glass.

I hope this post helps put things in perspective. I personally really like the zoo and support what ever change they have. I hope you will too.

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