Blog Plans

I got the idea to make a blog post about the coming roundup in the Pryors a couple days ago and thought I’d have it done by now. What I thought would be a short post has turned into a small essay. I finished the research and rough draft, and am now trying to figure out if I can edit somethings out, or if I will need to make separate posts to make it easier to read. I am eager to get this up and hear people’s opinions, so bear with me as I work on this series of posts. This is an important issue to me and I want to make sure that the end result is well done. For now enjoy a picture from last June in the Pryors:


  1. Sue Said:

    I like your photo!

    • Thanks. I’m kind of hoping this boy isn’t removed, although I think he’ll do well anywhere as long as he has a buddy.

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