My Background, Part 1

I’d like to take a moment to talk about wild horses. I’d like to take this opportunity talk about how I got involved, the place that has personally affected me as well as so many others, and the management that goes with wild horses. I’m also not sure how long this essay will end up being, so it may be in the form of multiple blog posts.

I live in the midwest, so it might be surprising to some that I am so involved in issues involving wild horses. Like a lot people, my first introduction to the wild ones was through Ginger Kathrens’ Cloud documentaries. That got me aware that wild horses were still part of the western United States, but it took me a couple more years to start researching them.

The first website I looked up was The Cloud Foundation (TCF). What started out as a need to find out more information about Cloud and his family, turned into a need to know about the rest of the horses in the US. As I learned more, I signed up for the email list, and through TCF learned about different photographers, advocacy groups, and some of the politics concerning wild horses.

An older mare from the Pryor Mountains

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