Now that I am done explaining my thoughts on the management of the horses, I would like to explain a couple more things about myself. I am neither pro BLM or against the BLM. They have a really good relationship with the horses and locals in the Pryors, but from what I have heard their management practices else where need improving. I guess if you wanted to give me a label you could call me a wild horse advocate, I certainty agree with much of the ideas TCF and others have about managing the wild horses. But in away isn’t everyone who has seen wild horse and been touched emotionally by them an advocate? We all have ideas, some of them the same, some conflicting, but we have made them out of care for the horses.

I would also like to talk about my future plans. Currently my major is natural resources. My goal is to be able to study wild horses when I am done with college. I’m keeping an open mind. Perhaps I’ll end up working for the BLM, USFS, or other government agency. Or maybe I’ll work closely with TCF or another horse advocacy group.

I guess the point I tried to make, is this isn’t a clean-cut issue. There are many ways to look at how to manage wild horses. However, it is important to look at all sides of an issue. It is important to realize there is more going on a range than the horses. Not only is there other wildlife to think about, there are other human generated uses on the range. I hope by telling you about my, background, experiences, opinions, and future plans it helps clear up the issue, or at least my opinion of the issue. I’m also interested in your opinions on this matter, so feel free to comment on this or any of my posts.

A couple Baja daughters may be removed.


  1. Joy Said:

    Your opinions and research are spot on! I hope you keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Thanks Joy. I’m the first to admit that I don’t know everything about issues like this. That is why I try to research as much as possible. I love learning about the horses, so if you, or anyone else has any thoughts they want to share, please do.

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