My Background, Part 3

It was through those sources that I found out that a screening of the documentary of Disappointment Valley: a Modern Day Western (I believe it is now being called Wild Horse and Renegades) was going to happen near Chicago. At the time I didn’t know that much about the film, but I had heard enough about it to persuade my parents to take me there. Admittedly, the real selling point was the possibility of seeing Ginger Kathrens.

When the weekend came, we packed up the car and headed east to enjoy a wild horse themed weekend. We weren’t sure what to expect. Would it be as fun as seeing wild horses? When we found the location of the viewing, there were already lots of people there. I was the youngest there. For someone as shy as I was (I’m still pretty reserved) it was a bit intimidating. But through that experience, I was able to meet people just like me. People who wanted to do what is needed to keep our nations wild horses protected.

The documentary itself was amazing. I’m not sure what the time line is for showings, having it released on DVD, ect, but I would recommend that everyone see it once. It’s poignant, and well done. A very well done film explaining the political side of the wild horses. I can’t stress enough that people see this to better understand what is going on.

After the film there was a the ability for us to ask questions. People’s spirits were a bit low. Most people hadn’t quite grasped that the issue of wild horses has a dark side. Then, my mom proudly got up and told the room that I had initiated a trip to the Pryors, that I was an advocate for wild horses, and that my plan was to attend University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC) to become a wild horse biologist. Being the center of attention wasn’t something I was thrilled about, but if my mom hadn’t made her comment, the experience we had wouldn’t have been as meaningful. It was good for me to talk to people who were more immersed in the issues than I was, and I think it was good for them to hear that there was a young person like me willing to learn everything I can.

The evening wasn’t over. I got a chance to meet Ginger Kathrens. To meet my hero, the women who got me into the horses was huge for me. We chatted briefly. About the horse range, about my future plans. She offered a business card, a small yet kind gesture. An experience that gave me confidence. 

Young Climbs High from 2010. He and his father Admiral have since been killed by a drunk driver.


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