My Background, Part 4

The next time we found out about TCF being in the midwest was the spring of that year. By then my dad and I were planning our next trip to the horse ranges. It was his high school graduation gift to me. As I looked up places to go, I found out the TCF would be at the Midwest Horse Fair. I also found out that there was a photography contest at the fair, so I entered one of my pictures of Fiero, Strawberry, and Kokopelli.

Eager to find out how I did, and visit with Ginger again, we went to Madison, Wisconsin to see the fair. We arrived the first night in time to see the rodeo. Then, the next day we went exploring. Our two goals to find TCF booth and to see how I did on the photography contest. We found TCF booth first. We reintroduced our selves to Ginger, met Lauryn Wachs another member of TCF, and told them about our trip. They were able to give my dad and I advise about the best time to go to the Pryors. Then we, let others talk to Ginger and went in search of the photography contest results. We found out I got second place in my category (youth, still life) and promptly went back to TCF to tell her. We showed Ginger my photo and she was even kind enough to take a picture with me.

The picure from the horse fair.


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