My Background, Part 5

After that, planning for our trip begun in earnest. I began looking up people to contact for information about various locations. We wanted to go to three of them, but we weren’t sure where to go. The rule of thumb was that if there was a blog or blog about the location, it was a good place to go. We decided to go to Teddy Roosevelt National Park, McCullough Peaks, and the Pryors.

Finally, it was the end of June and dad and I were able to get started. I’m focusing on the Pryor Mountains in this post, but I don’t want to give anyone the idea that the Pryors are better than the other wild horse ranges. Teddy Roosevelt National Park has some amazing scenery, McCullough Peaks has some of the most colorful horses. I’d love to go to either location over and over again. I’d love to take people to every location I’ve been.

However, the Pryors are my favorite. Not for the horses that became famous in the Cloud films, although that is a perk. I like the Pryors because of its two ecosystems, the desert and the mountain. It’s a place of heritage, where I can follow in the footsteps of not only Ginger Kathrens (dad and I saw her going down the mountain as we were going up), but the Native Americans who used the Pryors for their vision quests, of Penn the cowboy when had his homestead at the top of the Pryors. Most of all I love the horses with their historic Spanish roots.

One of my favorite pictures from McCullough Peaks



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