The Issue, Part 2

At first domestic horses were used to gather the Pryor horses. Then, helicopters were used. I say were tentatively. The last time a helicopter was used in the Pryors was in 2009 with less than favorable results. For more information visit TCF website or the Mustang Center website. Now, the BLM is managing the horses using the birth control PZP. I think everyone who knows the issue well thinks PZP is a good tool to use when managing horses. It, however, isn’t a good enough tool to use on its own. That is why the BLM is planning to bait trap (using food to lure horses into pens rather running them into the pen) the horses from now until they reach their goal.

Here’s the part where opinion and fact sometimes clash. I am of the opinion that natural selection should be the primary management tool when it comes to wild horses. I don’t think removing any horses is an appropriate management tool. However, in this case I understand that PZP needs to be utilized. I also understand that if a bait trap removal doesn’t happen this year, then a helicopter removal might happen next year. 

Now that I’ve talked about my opinion, I’d like to talk about the ‘why’ behind it. I fully believe that the need to remove horses could have been prevented, so let’s look at the facts. In order for the horses to thrive they need a high enough population to prevent inbreeding. In order to have the correct numbers, they need to have the space and available forage. The horses no longer have that available to them, and it was poor management practices that caused this problem.

One of the youngsters that may be removed.


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