The Issue, Part 3

Another big issue about the horses is the lack of predation. Mountain Loins, have been known to hunt foals, but the survival rate for foals has been high lately. Not a lot of study has been done on Mountain Lions, so it is hard to tell why more predation isn’t occurring. However according to a study being done by Utah State University, Hunters took three lions in the Pryor Mountains during the 2004-2005 winter and predation on foals greatly declined.” (Utah State University web) I’d like to be clear, it’s my understanding that the BLM doesn’t promote hunting in the range. However, Montana DNR does allow the hunting of Mountain Lions, and the majority of the Pryor Mountain WIld Horse Range is in Montana. It is also my understanding that Mountain Lion hunting has been a big part of the range for a long time, thus eliminating one of the only predators of the horses.

Something the BLM is mandated to do is manage the land for multiple uses. One such use is livestock. Comparatively, the Pryor Mountains aren’t used for livestock as much as other locations. However, according to the document used to explain the 2009 roundup, “Most livestock move quickly through the PMWHR and consumption of forage is minimal, however occasional unauthorized use does occur. 50 AUMs are adjudicated for trailing livestock, but have not been allocated between various livestock operators.” (BLM web) Admittedly, I’m not sure how long the livestock move through the range, or when, but in my opinion it is unnecessary competition.

The old mare Madonna has two fillies that may be removed, one of them had her first foal this year, and the other survived a broken leg.

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