Grass is always greener…

I saw some fun things at the zoo today and thought I’d start with the sillier topic. Not that the other topic isn’t silly. Greener pastures. All zoo animals want them. But sometimes it brings them into less than pretty situations.

For example the moose, but in order to fully understand this picture, a little back story is needed.

I see the moose in this pose a lot. This was the first time I saw it make it. There were two meese on exhibit on this fine Thursday morning. They were both halfway back into the enclosure on opposite sides. This one was slightly closer, so that’s why I stopped to take pictures. As I watched it walked toward me. A strange experience for me. Either the moose are skitich, or they ignore us humans.

The wheels were turning in the moose’s’ head. To get near the human or to taste the green leaves? Hunger ultimately won out and the leaves were eaten. A very silly pose that I could have watched all day, but I had to move on.

I good thing I did too. The next thing I saw was turkeys. Wild turkeys are nothing new at the farm, or the zoo for that matter. But their behavior was so entertaining I feel the need to share it.

They would peck the apple and it would get stuck on their beak. When they lifted their heads it would fly off.

That was it for the way to the farm. There would still be some silliness on the way back out of the zoo.


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