It was a peaceful afternoon as I left the farm. I took the long way, past the horses, to the parking lot.

I think my mom and I decided that this was a Gray Catbird. Those are the horses in the background.

It looks like they’re on big happy family in this photo, right? Not so, as I watched the horses started becoming more active.

One of the mares breaks up play between the stallion and the yearling colt.

The horses grazed for a bit, but I knew it was only a matter of time before the stallion sauntered up to the yearling and started playing.

I’m not even sure why the mare was so angry. I think there was some mane nips, some rearing, but not much physical contact.

Then, like clockwork, mom comes over and breaks it up.

See what I mean? She’s not happy at all.

The boys are lost in their own little world of play time.

I think when the yearling notices mom coming he panics a bit.

His seems to be mad at dad for getting him in trouble.

But she moves past the yearling and goes straight for the stallion.

Perhaps she’s scolding him for being a bad influence on the yearling.

I stayed for a couple more minutes hoping that playtime would resume. It didn’t so I moved on. I’ll be sure to let everyone know if I see anything interesting next week.


  1. Oh my goodness! How embarssing for that poor yearling, to have his mother taking away all his fun! They’re all so cute, though! I love that last picture of the mare bossing everyone around.

    • I guess embarrased could be a good way to describe that. He might have deservided it, though when he was done playing with dad he’d pick on his little sister.

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