Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range July 2013

It was my last trip to the Pryors this summer and my first time in July. It’s quite a different experience then either May or June, different wildflowers and the foals had grown quite a bit since I had last been there. Not only that, but some of the mares that were clearly pregnant in May had their foals since then. One such band was Red Raven’s and we saw them the first day. In May his mare Autumn looked like she would foal any day. Now I was getting a chance to she her colt. He was inquisitive, and it was fun seeing him with the rest of the band.

Red Raven

Red Raven

Red Raven's Colt

Red Raven’s colt

Something else fun about this trip was seeing new horses. Until this trip I had not seen Casper’s band closer than through a scope. Cloud’s sister Mariah glowed in the evening light and Casper’s filly looked extra inquisitive with that snip that goes over only one nostril.



Casper and Gabrielle's filly

Casper and Gabrielle’s filly

The next day I met another new foal. Duke’s band had grown since I last saw it: Graciana had finally had her foal. It was also fun to see the color change on the filly Navajo. Niabra, Firestorm’s filly in Jackson’s band was already starting to roan out and it was fun to see all the bands in one area.

Graciana's colt

Graciana’s colt

Navajo and Niabra

Navajo and Niabra

Another fun thing about this trip was seeing old friends. Corona and Waif’s band had grown since my dad and I saw them in 2011. It was fun to see their colt Notre interact with Chino’s former mare Topper. Topper seemed more relaxed than she had been in Chino’s band and doted on Notre.

Topper, Notre, Waif

Topper, Notre, Waif

I also felt really privileged to see Garcia and his band.  This might seem odd to people who have never seen wild horses before, but I think they chose who views them. Some band’s are more elusive than other and Garcia seems smarter than most. Even while on the mountain top he managed to take his band in secluded areas. It was clear his filly hadn’t seen many people and I quickly got used to her curious, yet seemingly indignant expression.

Greta and filly

Greta and filly

Another thing that I find exhilarating is seeing the youngsters come into their own. In May I was thrown off by how big the bachelors Knight and London were  compared to the last time I saw them, but this time I was able to see them assert themselves against the forest service boys. London’s play seemed more serious than Knight’s to me, which was a pleasant surprise to me. London and Knight have similar pasts, and I tend to view their personalities as similar, so I was glad I was able to learn something about London this trip.

London spars with one of the forest service boys.

London spars with one of the forest service boys.

The two types of play that I like the most are interactions between foals and stallions’ and their colts. The former was shown by the play between Flint’s filly and Custer’s colt Navigator, the latter shown by Bolder and Echo’s play. I think Flint’s filly will be a lead mare and Navigator a great band stallion, but in some regards Echo has the maturity level of a giant toddler. Echo has potential, I just feel a little embarrassed for him when he runs back to Cascade to nurse. The optimist in me says Echo is a late bloomer, but I do enjoy seeing his antics.

Flint's filly and Navigator

Flint’s filly and Navigator

Echo and Bolder

Echo and Bolder

On our last day, Lauryn took me down Sykes. This may seem crazy to people who have used Sykes, but provided I’m in a UTV I almost prefer it to Burnt Timber. Sykes is more difficult than BT, but when taken slow it is more rewarding. Not only do you get bragging rights for making it safely down, your guaranteed great views, and you have a chance to see some of the more elusive horses. Lauryn and I were lucky, not only did we see bachelors, we also say Sitting Bull and his band. We did not have time to get closer to Sitting Bull and of the bachelors Medicine Bow and Jemez were the closest.

Medicine Bow

Medicine Bow

Sitting Bull's band

Sitting Bull’s band

I loved seeing Medicine Bow for the first time, he has quite the story that even if I could do justice would be for a different post. I don’t know when I’ll be back to the Pryors, but I do know it will be brought up a lot on this blog. As usual I respectful discussion is welcome.



  1. Joy Said:

    Thanks! 🙂 You saw Jemez? Did you get a photo? I also appreciate your thoughts on Killian — I can’t believe he is still nursing!

  2. Linda D Said:

    Great pics. thanks for sharing. I was wondering about the Jemez sighting, too. Are you sure it was him? Do you have a pic, even if not a real good one? It would be so great to know for sure it was him. I haven’t seen him in a very long time. 🙂

    I respectfully offer correction of your spelling of the name “Norte” and I think Niabra is actually spelled “Niobrara”, after the river and geological formation.

    Or are those just TCF variations?

    Graciana’s colt’s name is Naolin, Spanish for Aztec God of the Sun.

    I think the relationship between Topper and Norte is just precious, but didn’t get to see it first hand on my trip this year. Maybe next time. 🙂

    Once again, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the thoughts, Joy and Linda. I do have some of Jemez, although none are fantastic. I can put one on facebook when I get a chance. Also thank your for the name information I think I either misread my notes, typed too quickly, or both.

  4. I also watched one day when Killian (Echo) tried to go off and spar with Knight, but his mama would not let him. He had just joined Knight and Celt came running in to break it up. I think Mama needs to let go of those apron strings a bit! HA! That band has some really weird dynamics going on within right now. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. One of the people that were with me thought maybe mama Celt was grooming her son to take over Bolder’s band. I thought it was an interesting notion. Something to watch for sure!

    • And people say my mom’s over protective!

      • Nancy Said:

        Bolder stayed with his family bend (Shaman) for a long time. I really believe he learned so much from Shaman by being in the band for that length of time. Same thing might happen with Killian!

  5. Sarah Griffin Said:

    Haha Echo is definitely a Mama’s boy! I think that has a lot to do with his mother too. She doesn’t seem to want him to grow up. Bolder and Flint both stayed with Shaman and Cloud until they were 4. I wonder if Echo will be reaching the 4 year mark as well, or if he’ll leave sooner. Bolder doesn’t seem to mind him still being around. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see 🙂 I had been looking forward to seeing Echo and Absaroka run together as bachelors, but I guess that wasn’t meant to be. I wonder if Lobo will become a bachelor at the same time that Echo does. I love to watch the foals play and stallions playing with their sons too! You were privileged to see Garcia’s band. I’m glad to see London coming into his own too! I love him!

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