Northern Trail (July)

One of the reasons why I enjoy the MN Zoo’s Northern Trail is people don’t seem to venture to it as much. Some of my favorite animals are on that trail, and the lack of competition from other guests makes it easier to observe the animals’ behavior. Even though I spend quite a bit of time on the Northern Trail, I still get to see behavior I haven’t seen before. It takes patience, but even when people are passing the Northern Trail there is usually something to see.

Animals that sometimes gets overlooked are the Przewalskii Horses, but I happen to love them. They tend to spend the majority of time grazing, but each horse has their own personality. Often after spending most of their time grazing they will do something unexpected. The moments may not last long, but they are more revealing than a quick glance would be.

On this particular visit to the zoo that’s exactly what happened. Not only were the horses grazing, but they were also far back in their exhibit. As I considered if it was worth staying, the horses took off at a trot. It didn’t last long, but it was fun to see the different expressions of the horses as they moved. Then as if nothing had happened they continued to graze.

It didn't take long for the horses to line up behind one another.

It didn’t take long for the horses to line up behind one another.

Another overlooked animal is the caribou. They tend to spend most of their time sleeping, and are active rarely. When they are active, they tend to move slowly. Since it’s hard to get good action shots of them, it’s fun to focus on the details. Their antler’s had velvet on them which is something I don’t typically see. Despite how far away the Northern Trail is from the rest of the zoo it’s worth it. Each time I visit I see something new even if it’s just for a moment.

A close up of an antler.

A close up of an antler.

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