It’s Time to Rally For Mercuria!

Rachel’s done a great job of outlining this, but if anyone’ hesitating taking action because they’re short on time here’s the cliff-notes version. Mercuria and Paquita were removed due to poor body condition. However there are several reasons why they should be released:
1. They are the only daughter and granddaughter of the Dryhead mare Jewel. Jewel has already had two full brothers removed during this removal.
2. The sex ratio in they Dryhead is currently skewed toward males. There are a couple colts that could be removed in their place to help even the ratio out.
3. Removing based on poor body condition goes against natural selection.
Rachel makes several good points in her blog, but I personally feel those are the three main ones. Please, at the very least consider writing a letter by the end of the day today.

Rachel Reeves Photography

Mercuria needs your help (yes you!) and she needs it fast.

pm mercuria 3 Mercuria as a foal in 2012

The thing with removals in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Herd is that some foals simply matter more than others.  It stinks.  It makes you feel like a dirty rat when writing to the BLM to explain why one horse is more okay to be taken than another; like you are betraying the “less important” horse.  Yet all those emotions that you wrestle with while thinking about these horses, each and every one of whom I adore, is a necessarily evil.

Because some horses matter more than others.  If the BLM takes the wrong horse, they can accidentally wipe out an entire bloodline.  Sometimes more than one!  This is what happened to Santa Fe, a successful, fantastic stallion who lost so many offspring to roundups and removals that now his entire line rests…

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  1. Great summary! Just managed to sneak in an email at lunch!!

    • Thanks! If you get a chance today, please also consider sending an email and calling.

  2. I go back and forth in terms of optimism….sometimes I think we really can get her re released but part of me knows how small a chance we have! 😦 I’ll certainly keep trying though! Mercuria has a dedicated group of advocates behind her and her herd.

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