White Mountain Roundup & Spaying Scoping – The More You Know

Since I think it’s going to either be blog post or email I’m taking the lazy route and reblogging Rachel’s excelent post. I do have some summary points about my opinion, though.
1. Absolutly no spaying. I don’t care if the entire procedure goes swimmingly with no complications. I don’t trust the BLM to know which mares have adequate representation, and if it works I can see it becoming the norm for other HMAs. People can say what they want about PZP, but at least it’s reversible.
2. I’m OK with the idea of radio-collars. They’ve come a long way since the first ones, and with some safety measures, I think the main concern would be regarding aesthetics. Plus I think the BLM will be more willing to comprosmise if we at least agree with them on something.
3. I’m not thrilled about removing horses, but I think it’ll happen regardless of if we want it to. Bait trapping is always the better option.
As usual, quality vs. quantity is better when responding to the BLM. Keeping comments rational and respectful will be best when making comments. Thanks in advance for those that plan on making comments or for those who have already made comments!

Rachel Reeves Photography

Well, the day I have been dreading for over 3 ½ years has finally arrived.  I suppose I should be thankful they waited so long instead of having it show up in August, but really, I would have been perfectly fine waiting forever only to have it never show up.

What am I talking about?  The BLM has released a scoping statement for the White Mountain Wild Horse Herd.  This is the first step of the process.  Basically, they are announcing their intentions.  The public has the opportunity to comment, at which point the BLM goes back and write a more detailed Environmental Assessment.  There is another comment period on the EA.  After that the BLM, having done their bureaucratic due diligence, proceeds to do whatever they want.

vimes band Vimes’ Band.  Left to right: Striker, Guinivere, Saran, Chasma, Bink, Nova

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