Romance Gone Wrong

Usually evening is when mustangs wind down, but one stallion had love on his mind. Sauntering up to the mother daughter duo Aztec and Jasmine, Casper began wooing them. Unfortunately for Casper, neither mare seemed in the mood.

Aztec and Casper

Casper walks up to woo Aztec.

Jasmine joins them.

Jasmine joins them.

As he greeted them, both sets of ears went back. Aztec turned away from him, and before he could react, bucked. Dodging the kicks, Casper knew he was beat. Walking away, he found a spot to graze.

Aztec gets ready to kick Casper.

Aztec gets ready to kick Casper.

Casper dodges out of the way.

Casper moves out of the way.

Casper takes the hint.

Casper takes the hint.

The next day, the two mares were with Doc. I had heard they had been floating in and out of those two bands for a while, but it seems they usually make the switch without much warning to observers. Who knows how long the switch will last, but it seems Aztec and Jasmine aren’t as choosy about which stallion they stay with as long as they’re together.



  1. Linda Dombeck Said:

    Of the 3 days I was on the mountain so far, I saw Doc’s band with them once, without twice. I think maybe some of the time they are just by themselves, too. Aztec seems very protective of Jasmine, as your pics seem to indicate. It would be col if they’d just end up with Jackson, but I’m not at all sure Jackson wants back into that turmoil at this time. He seems pretty happy just mentoring the young guys.

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