Growing Up

Custer’s always been one of my favorites: he’s a powerful stallion, but smart and his mares are loyal to him. They mostly keep to themselves, so it’s always a pleasure to see them. Custer’s a sturdy stallion, and his mare Felicity is petite, so they always have the cutest foals. Sure, they go through an awkward stage before they grow into themselves, but they are always a lot of fun to see.

The handsome Custer.

The handsome Custer.

Felicity and Custer's daughter Prospera.

Felicity and Custer’s daughter Prospera.

Prospera is one such cutie. She’s not quite shed out yet, but she’s going be a lovely blue roan when she grows up. Currently, she’s a really good mix of her parents, but it also means she’s maturing. With no younger sibling this year, Prospera really wants to continue nursing, but Felicity won’t let her.

Felicity tries to wean Prospera.

Felicity tries to wean Prospera.

Felicity would kick at her daughter, and the behavior seems harsh, but it’s part of life in the wild. Mares that wean their foals are teaching their offspring to be independent. When Felicity turned Prospera down, she found different ways to occupy her time. Custer and Felicity’s offspring tend to be a good mix of their parents, so I look forward to seeing how she matures in the future.


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