Mare Profile: Electra (Ireland)

For our next Pryor profile I’m going to try my hand at talking about Electra. I say try, because she’s been with a few stallions in her younger days, so I may not get it exactly right. If people are interested on doing their own research, I highly recommend the Mustang Center, and The Cloud Foundation.


Electra while she was in Prince’s band. (June, 2011)

Electra is the daughter of Raven, and Isabella. It’s her younger years that confuse me the most, but if people are familiar with the Cloud films she’s the one who sought the attention from the stallions King, and Tucson as a yearling. She didn’t really fit in well with Tucson’s band, but she also didn’t return to Raven’s band.


Electra, Limerick, and Hera with Prince’s band. (June, 2011)

I’m not sure about the dates that she was with each band, but she spent some time with Mateo, and later Prince. Prince was a handsome dun stallion, and his band was fairly stable when I first saw them in June, 2011. Prince was an older stallion, though, and Maia was his last daughter before the band was stolen by Galaxy.


The handsome Prince. (June, 2011)


Maia is the daughter of Hera, and Prince. (May, 2013)

Even with Galaxy being the stallion, the band didn’t change that much. Galaxy traded Maia for Nomad (Nirvana), but it seems to be a group that’s more mare driven than stallion driven. Considering Electra’s had two more foals since then, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the band is offspring driven. I phrase it like that, because I think Electra wouldn’t mind who she’s with as much as long as Limerick, Pegasus, and Quillan are with her.


Galaxy, Electra, and Limerick. (July, 2013)


Electra, Quillan, Pegasus, and Limerick. (June, 2016)

As much as I love Electra foals, I would like for her to be done foaling. I don’t know when, but I anticipate either Pegasus or Quillan getting removed if there’s more horses removed from the Pryors in the next few years. If another mare in Galaxy’s band has a foal in the next few years, especially Limerick, I can even see potential for both of them getting removed. At least, compared to other lines, horses related to Cloud get a little more representation, but that’s the downside to being a prolific mare in the Pryors.


I think Nomad is a pretty good fit for this band. Even when they were with Prince, the mares mostly grazed, but Nomad initiates a lot of the social interactions.

I don’t bring that up because I think it’s 100% going to happen that way though. Pegasus, and Quillan are biologically most likely Galaxy’s daughters, so I think there might be a point where they naturally leave the band to find a new stallion. I think the dynamic in Galaxy’s band is set up in a way that Pococeno and Electra share lead mare duties, and there’s enough young horses in it that if they learn from those two mares it can help give Galaxy some longevity as band stallion. Pococeno, and Electra are both in their 20s, so I’d be surprised if the dynamic of their band changes that much in their lifetimes’ based on what I’ve observed of Galaxy’s band. If all we have to worry about for Electra is if her offspring get removed, I think that’s a pretty good life for a wild horse.


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