Stallion Profile: Flint (Blue Moon)*

The son of Sitka, and Shaman Flint was born into Cloud’s band. I think genetic testing during the 2001 round-up confirmed that Shaman, and Cloud raised each other’s sons. Unfortunately, Flint suffered an abcessed hoof from the roundup, and Cloud’s band was held in holding for the BLM to treat it before they could be released again. Flint made a full recovery, and spent a lot of time in Cloud’s band learning how to be a strong stallion.

It’s not exactly known why, but Flint stayed with Cloud’s band until he was about 4-5. Most stallions become bachelors around the age of 2, so the theory is that stallions were keeping colts in their band to help act as satellites to watch for predators.

When Flint did become a bachelor, he seemed to still want to spend time around Cloud. Some horses adjust really quickly to becoming bachelors, I think it may have taken Flint a little bit to get used to the idea of seeking companionship with bachelors rather than his family. Ginger Kathrens (of The Cloud Foundation) did document one case of Flint challenging Cloud, but for the most part, I’m not sure if he seriously challenged other stallions.

As Flint made the transition from bachelor to band stallion, he was seen with a few different young fillies. I know Feldspar was one, and he had another dun filly at a separate occasion, but I’m not sure who she was other than she was from Trigger. Later, he had another dun filly most likely a Baja daughter that had formerly been with Morning Star. Once he was starting to have a bigger band, Fiesta (Fiddle) was satellite stallion for him.

The downside of knowing horses as adults is I rely a lot on other people’s blogs to find information, but I’m guessing he had his first more stable band around 2008. His first foal, Jupiter/Jasper was born in 2009 to the mare Feldspar, and he had a dun mare get removed in the 2009 roundup, but I’m not sure who she was.

Sometime after that Flint added the mare Havana/Heather to the group. Havana had a filly the Cloud Foundation named Amber (I’m not sure of her BLM name) in 2010, but it wasn’t sired by Flint. Krystal/Agate (now known as River in her adoptive home), was also born to Feldspar x Flint in 2010. In 2011, he added Amethyst/Texas, Halcyon, and Judith to his band. Texas floated between Flint and Bolder, for a bit though. I’m not sure on the dates (Maybe 2010?), but Flint’s “original” band made up of Feldspar and Jasper went between Bolder and Flint in 2010 during the winter. In the winter of 2011 Felspar ended up with Cloud, and seemed content with him. left  In 2012, Isadora joined Flint’s band, but ended back with Morning Star.~**


The fist impression I had of the band seemed pretty typical of the behaviors I see from them. When they aren’t napping, Sequoyah is sassing Flint. Or she’s sleeping, and sassing Flint. (June, 2011)

When I first saw Flint in June 2011, he had Halcyon, her daughter Judith (Adelina), Sequoyah, and her colt Uno (Kane). I think Sequoyah was a relatively new member, and she’s been sassing Flint ever since. They seemed pretty close, even then, but by the end of the summer Adelina was with Bolder. During the winter of 2011 Texas was back with Flint to stay.


Flint, Nomad (Nirvana), and Miguel (Miocene). (May, 2013)


Flint, Halcyon, Texas, and Isadora. (July, 2013)


Halcyon might be the only mare that doesn’t sass Flint. (July, 2013)


Halcyon, Nomad, and Flint. (July, 2013)


Flint brings Sequyoah closer to the rest of the band. I think that’s Miguel, and Nomad to the right. (July, 2013)

Since then, Flint’s band has been mostly stable. He and Halcyon have been very prolific together. His most resent acquisitions are Ingrid (Innocentes), and her daughter Orielle (Cloud’s last daughter. Ingrid had been with Cloud for years, before the band got stolen by Inniq. Jemez stole Ingrid and Orielle, and when they ended up on the mountain top, they were spotted with Flint.)


There were a lot of bands around, so Flint was acting as lead mare. (June, 2016)


A band that naps together sticks together! (June, 2016)


This photo doesn’t add much to the post. Orielle’s so darn cute, and if Sequyoah’s ears don’t say relaxed I don’t know what does. (June, 2016)


I’d like to say even sleeping band stallions are scary, but this has a lot more to do with Texas who was resting nearby. (June, 2016)


Quintasket boldly going where no Duke foal has ever gone before! (June, 2016)


This group of photos is mostly included because Hopi Q is so cute. (June, 2016)


Proof that even band stallions can struggle with laying down.


Flint naps with Texas, and Sequoyah. (June, 2016)

It’s been a lot of fun seeing Flint come into his own. Stika and Shaman kids tend to be stocky, and Flint’s whinny is…let’s say unique. He’s smack dab in the middle of his brothers Mescalero,  and Custer. His band is bigger than Custer’s, but Flint lacks the bravado, and assertiveness of Mescalero. He seemed to take a bit to find mares that have a good dynamic, but now Sequyoah and Texas share lead mare responsibilities. Between Halcyon, and Flint they have a matching set of foals, and Orielle is really bonded with Quanah (Halcyon Q in case I spelled his name wrong). I’m hoping having younger mares will help Flint in case Halcyon’s foals get removed since she’s so prolific.


Garay is a little more wary compared to other stallions, so Flint can easily chase him away. (July, 2013)


Flint’s band usually waits while other horses drink. (July, 2013)

Flint’s band has changed a lot over the years, but I think he has a great group of ladies. He’s not the most dominant stallion, but he’s not the least dominate either. I think that’s a pretty good spot to be for an established band stallion. The Cloud films made Flint well-known, and I think as other band stallions get older, we’ll continue to see him do well.


Flint chases Custer away from his band. (July, 2013)


Since there’s more horses by water, there’s more conflict, but I think Flint does a good job of knowing when to back off. (July, 2013)


Flint encourages Isadora to stay closer to the band. (July, 2013)

*The information about Flint’s foalhood is from the Cloud series. Information about the first young mares Flint had is from the Mustang Center blog.

~Confused yet? Me too. These events made perfect sense when people first reported them, but now that I’m looking back on them, I’m not sure of the best way to put them in chronological order.

** I tried really hard to make this paragraph more clear, but there’s no hope. Sorry guys. I recommend skimming over it to see which mares he had, then doing more research on the Mustang Center blog.

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