Stallion Profile: Bolder

Part 1: The Early Days~

Bolder is known for a couple of things. 1. Although he’s the son of Cloud he was raised by Shaman. 2. Rather than have a traditional bachelorhood, he stole Shaman’s band. Between the Mustang Center, and The Cloud Foundation, there’s plenty of information on that part of his life, so I’m going to avoid making this post more complicated than I have to, and let people do their own research.


This is one of my first impressions of the mountain top. It looked like Cloud, and Bolder worked together to confront the bachelors. (June, 2011)

I first saw Bolder in person June, 2011.* Despite having one of the bigger bands, they seemed pretty content with one another. Autumn (Fool’s Gold), and Kicks-A-Lot (Kiva), had already gone with Red Raven (Coronado) , but he had Velvet (Scarlett) from Cloud. There are theories that the mares didn’t like new additions that their long-time stallions acquired, but I think people take for granted that the three bands were at similar levels of dominance, and thus could often be seen near one another.


Bolder’s band. (June, 2011)

The next time I visited the Pryors (May, and July, 2013) Texas (Amethyst) joined Flint (Blue Moon), and Bolder gained The Black (Baileys) from Cloud. Since The Black is Velvet’s daughter I’m more inclined to agree that when Dancer passed away, The Black decided to join her mom in Bolder’s band, but take that with a grain of anthropomorphism. Jewel had also left in favor of He Who (Horizon), and Fiesta (Fiddle).


Lobo was spending more time with playing with other young stallions. (July, 2013)

Despite those changes, Bolder was a strong stallion, and other than his colts gaining in confidence, his band seemed pretty stable. There’s also speculation about why Bolder let Echo, and Lobo stay in the band so long. Since Echo is Cascade (Celt’s) only offspring, it is suspected that if he kicked out Echo, Bolder might lose his lead mare. I’m not saying Cascade, and Echo weren’t bonded at that time, but Bolder stayed in Shaman’s band until he was 4-5. I’d like to say most stallions become bachelors at 2-3, but Bolder didn’t know that. He’s always been a laid back stallion, so while his sons stayed in the band, he would play with them, and let them become more independent.


Full siblings Mesa and Lobo tended to spend most of their time near each other or their dam Cedar. (July, 2013)


Even when Bolder and Echo would play, Cascade was nearby. (July, 2013)

Part 2: Drama for all!**

In the next few years, Echo started becoming more possessive of Bolder’s mares, specifically Cedar (Sapo). At first, Lobo seemed torn between trying to hangout with bachelors, and defending his dam. It may have been an opportunity for Lobo, at least, to become a bachelor, but Bolder still seemed to want his sons in the band. The past few years, Echo and Cedar have seemed like a band within the band. This past summer Lobo decided that two can play at that game, and started going after The Black, and Cascade. This fall, Lobo became a bachelor. By the end of fall Echo, and Cedar had joined Lobo, completely splitting from the band.


None of the mares were impressed with Lobo. (June, 2016)

To illustrate this, I thought I’d share a day (June, 2016, to be specific) in the life of Bolder. Pretty much non-stop during (my admittedly brief) visit Lobo was courting The Black, and Cascade, while Echo snaked Cedar. Cascade, and The Black took turns taking Lobo to task, but the most Cedar seemed willing to do was move away from Echo.


Bolder moves to confront his sons. (July, 2016)


“Oh hey there dad!” (June, 2016)


Lobo does the smart thing and begins to move away. (June, 2016)

Occasionally, Bolder would half-heartedly chase his sons, but mostly he would take out his frustrations on other stallions. Even Doc, who is not a timid stallion, hesitated before letting his band join Bolder’s on the snow. He seemed really frustrated with the situation, but unsure of how to handle it.


For some reason Bolder spent more time chasing Lobo than doing anything about Echo. (June, 2016)


It didn’t stop Lobo from circling back to the mares, though. (June, 2016)


Even after visiting a different part of the range, Lobo was still determined to woo Cascade, and The Black. That’s Bolder to the right letting it happen. (June, 2016)


Bolder takes out his frustrations on an unsuspecting Santa Fe. (June, 2016)


Santa Fe seemed like he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. (June, 2016)


Lobo watched intently, but it didn’t stop him from trying to impress Cascade, and The Black. (June, 2016)


I was hoping Doc would confront Echo, and Lobo, but even he hesitated before letting his band continue. (June, 2016)


Doc then moves to confront Bolder. (June, 2016)


Cedar took advantage of the situation to get away from Echo. (June, 2016)


Unfortunately, there’s not a really graceful way to exit a snowbank quickly, and Echo quickly moved to join her. (June, 2016)


As usual, Bolder let it happen. (June, 2016)


Echo moves on to snaking Cedar. (June, 2016)


Lobo hadn’t stop flirting with The Black, and Cascade. (June, 2016)

I’m not sure why Bolder’s suddenly fine with his sons and mare leaving, but I think he looks fit, and The Black and Cascade seem more content. It’s a little surprising to me, since those two mares haven’t always gotten along. It was really hard for people to watch, and all the stallions (especially Echo, and Bolder) had physical evidence that it was wearing, but maybe it’s best that it went on for so long.

~~We can’t know for sure what motives the horses, but I think this might help Bolder as a band stallion. Both Cascade, and The Black have strong personalities. Cascade’s been the lead mare for Bolder for as long as I’ve known them, but The Black has qualities that would make her a good lead mare. The Black’s never had a foal, though, so Cascade may feel like she has to assert her dominance.

This summer Lobo gave them a common goal. Neither of them wanted his advances, so in a way they helped each other out. It’ll be easier to see in the summer, but I’m not sure if The Black and Cascade would be as content with each other if they didn’t have to deal with Lobo. There might even be potential for him to add a younger horse to the band. It’s been interesting to see the dynamic unfold so far, so I look forward to seeing what happens with this band in the future.

~This is going to be a long post, so hang on to your hats folks!

*Those of you who have been following these profiles for a while probably notice a pattern. You’re right! It was the first time I visited the mountain top.

** I can’t think of a better heading. SNS.

~~ These next two paragraphs are speculation. I hope The Black, and Cascade are content based on reports and observations, but they could also seem content because horses slow down in winter.



  1. sp Said:

    Hi i appreciate your posts about various horses members since it makes harder to keep up with them. I hope Bolder has a few good years left as a band stallion, maybe a last foal like Cloud had Pride, although the Black and Cascade don’t seem likely to give any foals. Besides he has already some in the range. I like Bolder because he has proven to be nice strong stallion even if he doesn’t have a very big band, and even though he shares traits with Cloud he has his own legacy. One thing i didn’t understand is why he allowed Echo and Lobo to stay in the band and not his others colts

    • Thanks for the comments, I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts.
      It’s true, I suspect if Cascade was going to have another foal it would have happened by now, and The Black is infertile. However, Bolder is young enough still that even though his band is currently the smallest I’ve ever seen it, he would still be strong enough to add a younger mare more likely to provide offspring for him.
      I also think he’s only had one other colt. Absarokee (I don’t remember his BLM name) got removed, so I don’t know of any other example of Bolder letting his offspring stay in the band for extended periods of time.

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